THL’s Week 4 Coaches Poll (Division I)

**For the first time in THL history, we almost have complete congruence between our Power Rankings and the Coaches Poll.**

The only difference between the two polls at the Division I level this week is the coaches have voted Plano West as the #10 team while we have put St. John’s in that position for this week.  The voting was very tight between those two teams, however – and we were conflicted between the two as well!

  1. Dallas Jesuit
  2. St. Mark’s
  3. The Woodlands
  4. Coppell
  5. ESD
  6. Westlake
  7. Westwood
  8. Houston Christian
  9. Highland Park
  10. St. John’s

Also receiving votes:  St. John’s, Southlake, EHS, Strake, Plano

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